Committee Members

Based upon the request of the association entitled "Association of Owners of Commercial Enterprises in The Area of Hamra and its Branches", and based on the opinion of the legislative and advisory body in the Ministry of Justice, and after revising the file of the above-mentioned association, we find the following:

The association submitted the minutes of the election of its administrative body dated 18/4/2018, and it was found that the administrative body is composed of the following gentelmen / ladies.

Zouhair Itani

President of the Association

Bachir Hariri

Vice President

Mohamad Khodor Salam

Secretary Board

Mohamad El Heraki


Mahmoud Al Rahi

Representative of the Association for the Government

Michel Bakhaazi


Ahmad Baasiri


Fadi Bekdash


Abdel Majid Abou El Nasr


Edward Gostanian


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